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Commercial Debt Collection | Kenya


Commercial or Business to Business debt collection requires a specialist set of skills. That’s because commercial debts are generally of a greater value than Consumer Debt and involve negotiating with a more sophisticated type of Debtor.
Add the involvement of different legal entities and multiple parties (including guarantors and directors) to the mix and it’s clear that more complex collection strategies are needed to achieve results when recovering this kind of debt.

  • Our collectors understand the principle that companies owe money, but people pay bills.
  • We recognize that no two debtor companies are identical, and that’s why we negotiate with each one according to their solvency and liquidity
  • We provide fortnight reporting, giving clients direct access to information, progress reports, charges and invoicing
  • Our clients’ have their own appointed collector as well as a customer services contact

Calm recoveries ltd understands the specialist skills needed for successful Commercial Debt collection and has dedicated Commercial collections team who are trained to deliver the best outcome for your business.

They manage each individual debt case and consult with you every step of the way on the best strategies to achieve the delicate balance of optimizing cash collection without damaging important business relationships.


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Some of our Clients

We serve clients from different sectors of the economy which includes financial institution, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and individuals.