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(a) Efficient reporting and monitoring
Reports are compiled daily, weekly and monthly, illustrating the progress on all payments and are availed to client in real time.

(b) Professional Negotiators
The company has the legal team which comprises of advocates of high court who have credible experience in debt recovery arena. We also work in liaison with private investigators, valuers and auctioneers in ensuring the delivery of comprehensive debt collection procedures in line with the applicable government rules and regulations

(c) Field Services
Of the three basic means of contacting a debtor–letters (or e-mail), telephone calls, and personal visits–letters are generally the least effective method, while personal visits are the most effective.

Telephone calls fall somewhere in between.
At calm recoveries, we’ve always relied on tele-collection by our in-house staff. However, we’ve realized that this technique has severe limitations as we’ve come across professional (can’t pay, won’t pay) debtors. To be able to collect from them, we’ve adopted field visits where we identify where they work, their business or residential premises and visit them. This method has proven to be successful on the “can’t pay won’t pay” debtors.

With 100% of those we’ve so far visited, 90% have signed scheduled payment plan with our 75% payment conversion rate.
According to our customers at the moment, this is the most effective debt recovery method, in which the debtor gets visited at their declared and actual address and work places. It is for this reason that we’ve deployed our resources towards hiring and training our field collection staff. They only get paid on a percentage of debt they collect. This motivates them to have a self-drive and self-discipline on their work, ensuring they deliver good results.
We act with utmost professionalism during the interviews letting the Debtors know that if they cooperate with us, they may be able to avoid further action subject to their circumstances. We find that many debtors appreciate this level of assistance, and in many cases, because you are trying to work with them, they will prioritize your debt over others who are not assisting them.

(d) Skip Tracing
We’re specialized in providing the credit/collections industry with high quality location information. In skip tracing we view our work as both a science and an art. The expanded use of computer-based data retrieval has resulted in significant gains in the location process. However, we’ve found that total reliance on the scientific approach severely limits skip tracing results. That’s where the art comes in. Our specialized expert skip trace investigators utilize an array of resources: state of the art technology, internet resources, professional contacts, expert phone inquiry and good old fashioned detective work to locate the hardest skips.
This powerful approach results in our ability to consistently generate locate rates that meet and exceed each clients ‘needs and expectations, thereby improving their collection revenues and Return on
Investment. Successful debt skip tracing is an intuitive skill requiring creative thinking and a thorough attention to detail .In the business of skip tracing, our strongest asset is the track record of success we develop with each client, along with our responsiveness to you in exceeding your requirements. It is important to remember that it is the individual skip tracer that sets us apart from our competition. Information sources, tools, and even relationships are available to everyone in the credit and collection industry. Indeed, you already possess some of these same assets in your own operation. Possession of these assets does not guarantee the results required to meet your expectations. Therefore, it becomes the skip tracer’s skilful and intelligent use of available tools that determines our success.
Many of the debt collection agencies and financial institutions refer their files to calm recoveries ltd for skip tracing and location searches. This is our core business and we locate more than 80% of cases assigned to us.


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