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Specialists In Debt Collection

Calm Recoveries Ltd offer effective collection services for totally delinquent debts but we offer additional account management activities centred on bringing your slow payers back into line with your normal trading terms.
We accomplish this by identifying the issues preventing compliance and working through solutions to obtain payment. This means, we help resolve disputes quickly and favourably and deliver much needed cash-flow for your business.

Our Services:

Our Approach:

  • Telecollections – We have a well-trained dedicated team that will offer professional telephone calls to your debtors this is a preliminary approach towards recovering your debt.

  • SMS and Professional Emails – Some of the debtors might not pick the calls. However a message will be received whether busy or not because the key thing is for the debtor to receive the communications.

  • Efficient reporting and monitoring – Reports are compiled daily, weekly and monthly, illustrating the progress on all payments and are availed to client in real time with the help our systems.

  • Professional Negotiators – Our legal team comprises of advocates of high court with credible experience in debt recovery. We also work in liaison with private investigators, valuers and auctioneers.
  • Field Services – We have qualified team majored in field collection that is most effective. Method enables to assess the ability of the debtor to settle.
  • Skip Tracing – We’re specialized in providing the credit/collections industry with high quality location information. The expanded use of computer-based data retrieval has resulted in significant gains in the location process.

Our Core Values

We collect 95% of debts that are passed to us.

Before you write off what is owed to you, consider speaking to us about your chances of successful debt collection


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Some of our Clients

We serve clients from different sectors of the economy which includes financial institution, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and individuals.