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International Debt Collection | Kenya

In our experience, it’s a myth that collecting from overseas debtors is more difficult than collecting from Kenyan debtors. Indeed, for our team of foreign-national collectors based at our collections Centre, there is no difference whatsoever. But, that’s because they speak the same language, and understand the local culture.

Currently calm is recoveries from countries within east and central Africa with the view of expanding to other countries in the whole world.


We require the following facilitate collections:

  • Authorization letter giving us the mandate recover on
  • The loan statement of each loanee/or debtor statements
  • The personal details for the loanee/ and Guarantor’s: Name, Address, phone Contacts and email address if available.
  • Brief description of the location of the loanee or business premise
  • Certificate of incorporation and kra pins for the company and directors
  • Invoices and Deliveries
  • Copy of the contract
  • Copy of the credit terms and conditions

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    Some of our Clients

    We serve clients from different sectors of the economy which includes financial institution, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and individuals.