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Calm Recoveries Ltd is a receivables manager, providing solutions that span the entire credit lifecycle, from receivables outsourcing to debt risk management training. Been very successful collecting debt for all markets, specializing in collections and skip-tracing for the financial and commercial companies. Debt Collection is the heartbeat of our company as our service is a direct reflection of all that we stand for; proof of which we find in our very loyal clients. Our current customers include many banks and commercial companies.

Our Debt Collecting Service is based on a no collection, no fee basis and is undertaken strictly within the framework of the Law. To this end costs for the collection of debts are fair and reasonable to ensure that the debtors are not exploited beyond their means

Our services are ethical, and we comply in all respects to the codes of conduct required by law. We are committed to offer a safe, fast, friendly, confidential, trustworthy and professional service to all our customers’ and debtors. Feedback is given monthly on progress of all cases and all monies due paid over promptly on a monthly basis. Soon we will be in a position to provide a service that will enable customers to access our database via the Internet to determine progress and balances outstanding.
Our strength has emanated from the success of our debt collection service as well as our efficient and dedicated staff members who are experienced in the field.

Our Mission:
We undertake to provide a comprehensive, integrated solutions for credit management and enhancing the cash flow in the business community.

Our Vision:
To create a clear distinction in our Industry: To be a standard by which all others measure. Our vision is to achieve the maximum level of return and service for our clients by continuing to be results-oriented, providing the utmost level of integrity and performance, and maintaining our impeccable reputation of the last 3 decades. We believe our clients are the reason why we are able to provide our services. Client satisfaction at all levels of the recovery process is a goal that will not be compromised.

We are committed to providing consumers and commercial institutions the dignity they deserve to resolve their delinquency by offering them reasonable financial solutions that will result in recoveries that will exceed our clients’ expectations. We are resolved to expect the highest standards of honesty from all of our associates and strive to attract and retain superior employees by providing them a stable and enjoyable work environment. We consider our employees to be a major asset in accomplishing our mission.

We have a team of qualified and experienced staff who are dedicated to ensure that our clients receive their money and reports on time. Each file we receive is allocated to the team leader who ensure that they follow up the debt conclusively as well as give streaming monthly report to our clients on the progress of each debtor.


Client Satisfaction: The satisfaction of our clients is crucial to the future development of our organization. Not only do we work to meet the expectations of our clients, our goal is to exceed their expectations. In doing this, it will allow us to become a greater service company to our clients.

Integrity: Open and honest communication is the driving force of our company. As we interact with each other, our clients, and assigned accounts with utmost respect and trust, we maintain the integrity of our strong organization.

Innovation and Improvement: Our Company will continue to think innovatively. We will improve our process to accommodate the changing needs of our clients and the industries we serve.

Teamwork and Accountability: In order to maintain strength in our organization, we work together as a unified team. Team members will be accountable for individual performance standards, ensuring superior quality of work at all times.


Calm Recoveries Ltd
Location: THEEVAN PLAZA, 2ND FLOOR, Suite 11.
P.O. BOX 2241-00200 NAIROBI.
E-mail: info@calmrecoveriesltd.co.ke | calm.recoveriesltd@gmail.com
Phone: +254 724153848 | +254790342440 | 0786356642

  • Consumer Debt Collection
  • Commercial Debt Collection
  • International Debt Collection

Some of our Clients

We serve clients from different sectors of the economy which includes financial institution, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and individuals.