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Specialists In Debt Collection

Calm Recoveries Ltd is a receivables managers, providing solutions that span the entire credit lifecycle, from receivables outsourcing to debt risk management training. Debt Collection is the heartbeat of our company as our service is a direct reflection of all that we stand for; proof of which we find in our very loyal clients.

Our current customers include many banks and commercial companies.
Our Debt Collecting Service is based on a no collection, no fee basis, undertaken strictly within the framework of the Law.
Our strength has emanated from the success of our debt collection service as well as our efficient and dedicated staff members who are experienced in the field.

Our Services:

Our Approach:

  • Efficient reporting and monitoring – Reports are compiled daily, weekly and monthly, illustrating the progress on all payments and are availed to client in real time.

  • Professional Negotiators – legal team which comprises of advocates of high court, private investigators, valuers and auctioneers in ensuring the delivery of comprehensive debt collection procedures

  • Field Services – Of the three basic means of contacting a debtor–letters (or e-mail), telephone calls, and personal visits–letters are generally the least effective method, while personal visits are the most effective.

  • Skip Tracing – Our specialized expert skip trace investigators utilize an array of resources: state of the art technology, internet resources, professional contacts, expert phone inquiry and good old fashioned detective work to locate the hardest skips.

Our Core Values

We collect 95% of debts that are passed to us.

Before you write off what is owed to you, consider speaking to us about your chances of successful debt collection


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Some of our Clients

We serve clients from different sectors of the economy which includes financial institution, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and individuals.